Who is Jesus? (The Gospel of Luke)

We’ve been studying this topic Who is Jesus? that really could be studied for months and years. However, we’ve done a brief overview from what the Gospel of Luke has to say about who Jesus is.

#1 Luke 1:26-38 – Jesus’ birth predicted

#2 Luke 4:16-37 – Jesus’ authoritative teaching and His authority/power over demons

#3 Luke 7:1-10 – Jesus’ healing power and His inclusivity of those who come to Him

#4 Luke 23:32-43, 24:1-8 – Jesus’ death on the cross and His resurrection

We’ve been using the Inductive Bible Study method as a tool to discuss and learn from these passages. I’m including the Inductive Bible Study method worksheet as a reference.

This has been a wonderful Bible study method to use in a one-on-one setting or small group. The discussions are engaging and the shared insight is powerful. God’s Word is living and active!

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