Missionary Calling

What an adventure I’ve been on with the Lord these past few months! From hearing clearly from Him through the story of Elijah, to taking the step to leave my post at Christian Challenge, and now praying and thinking about this new ministry God would have me do.

The process of praying has led me to remember. Remember what the Lord has done in my life even when I was in elementary school. At the age of 7 Jesus saved me. At the age of 10 I knew I wanted to be a missionary. It wasn’t an emotionally charged experience at the girls’ camp I was attending, but a subtle click after hearing a missionary to the deaf community speak about her work. I knew I wanted to take Jesus to people.

In the 5th grade, I was popular. (That lasted all but a few months.) I decided to tell my friends to bring their Bibles to school and we would do a Bible study during lunch recess. They did, we met in a circle on the playground, and we did Bible study. Who knows what we studied? I do remember though another little girl walking past us and asking what we were doing. I told her and she said she was atheist. That blew my mind! Someone who doesn’t believe in God?? Whoa! Even at that age I remember thinking that was strange but also sad.

Then the Lord reminded me of my junior or senior year in high school when I was on my back porch doing a workout. A kid across the street was bouncing a basketball on his front porch. I knew they didn’t have a basketball hoop or area for basketball and then I started thinking. We have a basketball court! (It was maybe a third size of a regular court, dirt, and slanted – ha!) I had heard of back yard Bible clubs, and I thought, “I wonder if kids would want to learn how to play basketball and also hear Bible stories and eat snacks?” This began several years of hosting seasons of Bible/Basketball Clubs at my parents’ house and then at the local school basketball courts.

Finally, I landed at BSU/Christian Challenge where I was able to take God’s Word to college students. I learned how to share the gospel and disciple students who would disciple others.

With all this remembering the thing that has been consistent in these stories is my heart to take God’s Word to people. I’m such a big fan of the Bible. God’s Word. Scripture. Living and active. Inspired. Able to change lives. Teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training. I have been in awe as I have watched people transformed when they have read God’s Word. I have loved being a part of their lives when this happens. I think this will be a consistent part of the ministry ahead. I pray God allows this and is gracious to lead me to those who want to hear.

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