What I do for a living…

I get to serve as a campus missionary at The University of Arizona through Christian Challenge. I have been serving with Christian Challenge ever since it was called Baptist Student Union. I was a student serving in the ministry and while being poured into, I began to love what this ministry was all about and how I could become a missionary to the campus. I joined staff in 1997, and after ten and a half years, I left for a year and a half to serve at a local church, and then returned to Christian Challenge to continue serving on staff.

I received my Bachelor’s from the UofA and while serving on staff I was able to earn my Master of Divinity degree from Gateway Seminary (formerly Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary).

I currently raise my own support from churches and individuals who wish to partner with me in sharing the Gospel on campus. Raising my support is not new to me and I have seen God do amazing things as a result of it. He is a wonderful provider!!

Other ministry opportunities I get to be a part of include serving with my husband as we lead a church Connect Group of 20 and 30 year olds. I also love speaking engagements including sharing what God is doing in the ministry or teaching opportunities at retreats and conferences.

Every so often I will post a ministry update so you will know what I’m up to.

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