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I’ve been doing Christian ministry for 25 years and mostly on the college campus. Currently I do one-on-one mentoring, small group Bible study teaching, speaking at retreats and conferences, and coordinate events to reach our city with the Gospel. I live in Tucson, Arizona with my husband Lee who is the best answer to a lot of specific prayers!

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  • Please ignore previous posts from 6/4/22 – updating website
    Thanks! Hopefully you’ll see a new website design soon.
  • My Personal Values in process…
    I just found this on a Facebook post from June 3, 2009. Thought I’d post it here. Still good stuff I need to remember. This is the beginning of a list of characteristics that I value greatly and pursue diligently […]
  • “I got a Bible!”
    I took my little nieces to the Tucson Festival of Books in 2019 and as I wandered down the UofA mall looking at the booths with books and authors, I wondered why no one was giving away the best-seller of […]
  • Quotes from Gentle and Lowly by Dane Ortlund
    I’ve been trying to read more books, or actually finish some that I’ve started. I like to underline key statements in non-fiction books, so here’s my list of quotes from Dr. Ortlund. Pg. 31 “And what did he do when […]
  • Thanksgiving – A Path Towards Humility
    Thanksgiving Day is just a few days away. I’m continually surprised that our country has a day of thanks, but thankful for it! A day to reflect on what has been given to us, and often not from our own […]
  • “We have to battle through our moods…”
  • Being OK with 3rd Place
    First place…second place…third place.  I was born #3 in the lineup. I have two older brothers, 6 years, and 2 years older, and my sister showed up 13 years after me. I’ve gathered from stories that my mom was excited […]
  • 5 Ways Toward Success in Life
    Who doesn’t want to succeed in life?  Who doesn’t want to prosper and see a difference in their lives? Here are 5 ways to have success and to prosper. First things first though. God is the author of success. There’s no way […]
  • Who is Jesus? (The Gospel of Luke)
    We’ve been studying this topic Who is Jesus? that really could be studied for months and years. However, we’ve done a brief overview from what the Gospel of Luke has to say about who Jesus is. #1 Luke 1:26-38 – […]
  • Renewing Your Devotional Life
    (Based on a breakout session I led at the AriseAZ Women’s Conference 2021) Do you have your devotional time, also known as a Quiet Time, so you don’t have to feel guilty for not doing it? Do you do your devotional […]
  • Discipleship Qualities to Cultivate video
  • Who is Jesus?
    Part 1 – History and OT Jesus is a controversial and amazing figure. He existed in history and according to the Bible exists currently in the heavenly realms, seated at the right hand of God the Father. We are going […]
  • the Bible for Beginners Part 2
    (The following are the notes I used to present this topic in a zoom group of women.) Review Part 1 – Overview of the Bible The Bible is called Holy Bible, Scripture, or God’s Word The big picture of the […]
  • the Bible for Beginners Part 1
    (The following is the outline I used to present this material in a zoom group with women.) Introduction What is the Bible? Also called “the Holy Bible,” “Scripture,” “God’s Word” Made up of two sections – Old Testament and New […]
  • SobreMesa Ministries – The Story Behind the Name
    One of my favorite things is to go out to eat and then hang out and talk for a while with the people I love. A while ago a friend told me that in Spain, they call this lingering after […]
  • Missionary Calling
    What an adventure I’ve been on with the Lord these past few months! From hearing clearly from Him through the story of Elijah, to taking the step to leave my post at Christian Challenge, and now praying and thinking about […]
  • The Students Are Coming!
    My People Group is Returning! Summer is coming to a close and the students come back soon! I’m a campus missionary and my people group, college students, are returning or starting their first year in college. It’s an exciting time for reconnecting […]
  • What I do for a living…
    I get to serve as a campus missionary at The University of Arizona through Christian Challenge. I have been serving with Christian Challenge ever since it was called Baptist Student Union. I was a student serving in the ministry and […]
  • An Introduction
    Currently it’s my favorite time of year in Tucson, Arizona. We have had several long months of heat and now it is July and we are into the monsoons. These rains that come up from the Mexican deserts wash us […]


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